Eco-friendly washroom services & environmental waste management

Azure Hygiene provides complete waste management and washroom services to offices, schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and leisure facilities throughout Berkshire and the Thames Valley.


Over 30 years experience


Creating better washroom environments

Independent and reliable since 1988. Keeping washroom facilities clean and free from bacteria, and creating a sparkling first impression for your clients.


Manage your duty of care obligations with confidence

Our fully documented services include feminine hygiene, sanitary waste, nappy waste, sharps waste, medical and pharmaceutical waste.


Adhering to all HSE and Environment Agency guidelines

Achieve high levels of sanitation in your workplace, whilst ensuring our waterways and natural environment are protected from sanitary and clinical waste pollution.


'Azure Hygiene provides us with an excellent level of service at all times.'



Creating a fresh, clean and hygienic washroom environment

Creating a fresh, clean and hygienic washroom environment may not be top of your business agenda, but it can speak volumes to people visiting your workplace.

Our services are as versatile as your business, and as we're local, you can rely on the highest levels of efficiency, delivering exactly what you want, when you need it - with no service contract tie-ins.


Using the latest in green technology, Azure Hygiene provides air care systems to purify and freshen your working environment.

Feminine Hygiene

Azure Hygiene offers a range of sanitary waste disposal units to ensure feminine sanitary waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Water Care

We provide a wide range of up to the minute technologies to ensure your washrooms are always clean, fresh and bacteria free.

Surface Sanitisers

To prolong the effects of our work, Azure uses a range of non-reactant sanitising products to keep your washroom fresher, longer.

Hand Dryers, SOAPS & Gels

Featuring the latest in hand dryer design and technology, we also provide a wide range of soaps, hand gels and consumables.

Vending Services

Azure provides the latest in vending machines, along with a range of the most popular branded products.

Urinal Cleanliness

Keeping your washroom fresh and odour-free with the most efficient and cost effective water dosing and freshening systems.

Janitorial Supplies

From single orders, to contracted supply of large volume products at exclusive prices, you need never run low on cleaning supplies.

Baby Change Products

We provide many types of baby change area products, including base units, baby changing supplies and dispensers.


'I would not hesitate in recommending them.'

Head of Estates & Facilities, Reading College


A complete range of efficient and effective waste management services

For total compliance and peace of mind, Azure Hygiene will always ensure your duty of care and environmental responsibilities are fulfilled - safely and with complete confidence.

Services include sanitary and nappy waste disposal, as well as the safe storage, collection and disposal of sharps, medical and pharmaceutical waste.


We provide a large range of waste storage units with bespoke service frequencies to match each requirement and all waste transfer documentation is supplied free of charge. All our waste collections are conducted by DBS security cleared staff, who are always assigned to the same customers to ensure consistency and continuity.

Sanitary and Nappy Waste

For sanitary and nappy waste collections, powder treatment is added during each service to give 24/7 safe and effective protection against bacterial build up and harmful germs such as MRSA and E.Coli. This works by reducing the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% and helps deodorise any nasty smells that may exist in units.

Kind to the environment

With a minimum of 90% of all waste we collect being diverted from landfill and processed locally into reusable energy, it makes environmental sense to keep waste local and use a local company.

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